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  • Data Privacy Statement

    The protection of your personal data is important to us. Below we would like to inform you about the processing of personal data in the context of using of our web pages.


    The controller responsible for these web pages and data processing is REMONDIS Assets & Services GmbH & Co. KG, Brunnenstraße 138, 44536 Lünen, Germany, bewerbungen@remondis.de. For further information concerning our company please refer to our Legal notice.


    When using the website, specific connection data and data provided by your Internet browser are temporarily stored. The following data is logged for the operation of the website:

    • IP address of the calling computer
    • Operating system of the calling computer
    • Browser version of the calling computer
    • Name of the retrieved file
    • Date and time of retrieval
    • Transferred data volume
    • Referring URL
    • Connection logging

    To the extent that this information is personal, we use it only for the purpose of operating the website and to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data processed with our IT systems (including for technical purposes of network communication, error and fault detection and to defend against attacks). The legal basis for this data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

    We will delete the IP address not later than after 7 days. A personal reference can no longer be established from the remaining data.

    REMONDIS also uses this information about usage behaviour in anonymous form for the purpose of designing and improving its website in line with requirements. You can find more information on this in the “Cookies” section.

    What other information do we collect as part of your application?

    When you register in the Applicant Portal, we initially store your name, first name (date of birth), address and e-mail address. In the category “Documents” you can upload your CV and create or upload a cover letter or send other attachments, e.g. certificates. In addition, it is possible to add individual questionnaires for the selection process.

    When your application documents are sent by e-mail, they are automatically read out and rec-orded in our application management system. All documents (covering letter, CV, certificates and other supporting documents) as well as the information contained therein are stored. The uploaded CV is semantically read with a so-called CV parser (CV processing) and converted into a structured, searchable format and integrated into our applicant management system. Your original documents are saved with your data record.

    If you still provide us with your application documents in person or send them by post, we will first digitise them and then also enter them in our application management system using the process described above.

    In the event of missing documents, we reserve the right to request these and also to integrate them into the online application management system using the process described above.

    Undue content

    Please make sure that you do not send us attachments containing viruses or worms. Personal data that you transmit to us generally should not include the following information:

    • Information about diseases,
    • Information about a possible pregnancy,
    • Information on ethnic origin,
    • Political attitude, religious or philosophical beliefs,
    • Union membership and sexual orientation,
    • Defamatory or degrading information,
    • Information that is not specifically related to your application.

    Purpose of processing your application data and legal basis

    We will process your application data in order to check your suitability for the position (or any other open positions in our company, if applicable) and to carry out the application procedure. The legal basis is § 26 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act). Should the data be required after completion of the application procedure, in the scope of legal proceedings, in the interest of defence or assertion of claims, the legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR.

    In order to carry out statistical evaluations with regard to our applicant management, your data will be made anonymous before they are processed. We will not be able to draw any con-clusions about your person in the course of this data processing.

    Data recipient and procedure for processing your applicant data

    The Applicant Portal is operated by REMONDIS Assets & Services GmbH & Co. KG, Brun-nenstraße 138, 44536 Lünen, Germany, centrally for all the companies of the REMONDIS Group listed below.

    The following companies make use of the online application management system:

    • PROVERO GmbH
    • REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG
    • REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH
    • REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG
    • REMONDIS Industrie Service International GmbH
    • emv Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    • REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH
    • REMONDIS Service International GmbH
    • REMONDIS Medison GmbH
    • REMONDIS Production GmbH
    • CASEA GmbH
    • REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG, Region Nord
    • REMONDIS Seenplatte GmbH
    • REMONDIS Vorpommern GmbH
    • REMONDIS Mecklenburg GmbH
    • Oetjen Rohstoffhandel GmbH
    • Schweriner Abfallentsorgungs- und Straßenreinigungsgesellschaft mbH
    • REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG, Region Ost
    • REMONDIS Sachsen GmbH
    • REMONDIS Brandenburg GmbH
    • Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Jerichower Land mbH
    • MUEG-Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgungs GmbH
    • REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG, Region Süd
    • REMONDIS Mittelrhein GmbH
    • REMONDIS Mittelhessen GmbH
    • B-F Sonderabfall GmbH & Co. KG
    • REMONDIS Süd GmbH
    • REMONDIS Saar Entsorgung GmbH
    • ALBERT BÖRDNER GmbH Städtereinigung
    • RETERRA Hegau-Bodensee GmbH
    • RETERRA Freiburg GmbH
    • Jakob Haibel GmbH & Co. Entsorgung KG
    • REMONDIS Chiemgau GmbH
    • Kirsch + Sohn GmbH
    • REMONDIS Nordpfalz GmbH
    • RETERRA Südwest GmbH
    • REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG, Region Südwest
    • Bördner GmbH
    • REMONDIS GmbH & Co. KG, Region West
    • REMONDIS Münsterland GmbH & Co. KG
    • Duisburger Papierverwertung GmbH
    • SBD Servicebetriebe Duisburg GmbH
    • Heinrich Theißen Entsorgung und Verwertung GmbH
    • Hellweg Entsorgung GmbH
    • Fischer Abfallentsorgung GmbH
    • REMONDIS GmbH, Region Rheinland
    • REMONDIS Rhein-Wupper GmbH & Co. KG
    • REVEA GmbH
    • REMONDIS Olpe GmbH
    • BRS Entsorgung GmbH
    • EVD Entsorgungsverbund Düsseldorf GmbH & Co. KG
    • GEORGI Abfalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG
    • IDR Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH
    • REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH
    • RETERRA Service GmbH
    • UCL Umwelt Control Labor GmbH
    • XERVON GmbH
    • REMONDIS Maintenance & Services GmbH & Co. KG
    • BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH
    • REMONDIS IT Services GmbH & Co. KG
    • XERVON Instandhaltung GmbH
    • Schlüssler Feuerungsbau GmbH
    • Heinz Puls GmbH & Co.
    • I.R.M. Beiz- Reinigungs- und Hochdrucktechnik GmbH
    • TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
    • MSW Metallhandel Südwest GmbH
    • REMEX SüdWest GmbH
    • FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung GmbH
    • ZAUG Recycling GmbH
    • OSRO-Ostgathe GmbH
    • BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH
    • Innotec Service Südwest GmbH
    • XERVON Oberflächentechnik GmbH
    • BUCHEN Tank- und Turnaround Service GmbH
    • Stadtwerke Selm GmbH & Co. KG
    • REMEX ProTerra GmbH
    • RE Plano GmbH
    • REMONDIS Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
    • REMONDIS PET Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
    • Rückert GmbH

    Your application data will be reviewed by the HR department after receipt of your applica-tion. In addition to the company to which you applied, the central HR of REMONDIS Assets & Services GmbH & Co. KG has access to your data. Suitable applications are processed by the HR department of the respective company and forwarded to the department managers for the respective open position for professional assessment. This is followed by a specialist as-sessment, after which the HR department will then carry out the rest of the process. In the company, only those persons have access to your data who need this to properly execute our application process.

    If you have applied for a job advertisement outside the EU or have given your consent for inclusion in the applicant pool or for forwarding your applicant data to a company in our group outside the EU, we may also forward your applicant data to the company concerned outside the EU. An appropriate level of data protection is guaranteed by the framework agreement on data transfer between all companies in the REMONDIS Group and the obliga-tion to comply with the EU standard data protection clauses.

    We will only transmit your data to third parties if we are authorised to do so under data pro-tection law. We will neither sell your personal data to third parties nor market it in any other way.

    We use a specialised software provider for the application process who will act as a service provider for us and may also gain knowledge of your personal data in connection with the maintenance and care of the systems. We have concluded a processing contract with this Pro-vider to ensure that data processing is carried out in a permissible manner.

    The Applicant Portal is operated by concludis GmbH, Frankfurter Straße 561, 51145 Köln, Germany, on behalf of REMONDIS betrieben. The website is hosted by a dedicated server of Hetzner Online AG, Stuttgarter Str. 1 in 91710 Gunzenhausen, Germany. The data you send will therefore also be processed by these companies.

    The application data will be processed exclusively in computer centres of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    If we are unable to offer you a current vacancy, but we still believe that your application could be of interest to other departments or companies, we will contact you and ask for your consent to further storage of your data in our applicant pool. All the above-mentioned companies will then have access to this applicant pool.

    In addition, it is possible that your application may be interesting for a job posting outside the company to which you have applied. In this case we would like to forward your application to this company in individual cases and will ask for your consent by e-mail. If you do not agree, your application documents will not be disclosed. Furthermore, the application data will not be passed on to third parties.

    Erasure of your applicant data

    Should your application be turned down, your personal data will be deleted after 6 months.

    In the event that you have agreed to further storage of your personal data, we will add your data to our applicant pool. The data will be erased there after 12 months.

    Your profile and personal data will generally be automatically deleted 180 days after comple-tion of your last application. If you get a position in the scope of the application process, the data from the applicant data system will be transferred to our HR information system.

    Your rights as a data subject

    Upon request, we will inform you in writing or electronically whether and which of your per-sonal data is stored with us (right of access pursuant to Art. 15 GDPR) as well as your entries to erasure (Art. 17 GDPR), rectification (Art. 16 GDPR), restriction of processing (Art. 18 GDPR) and transfer (Art. 20 GDPR) of your personal data and, if the conditions are met, we will check this and carry it out if the requirements are met.

    If you have any questions regarding your application data, please contact:

    REMONDIS Assets & Services GmbH & Co. KG
    Brunnenstraße 138
    44536 Lünen

    For all other enquiries related to data protection please contact our Data Protection Officer:

    - Datenschutzbeauftragter -
    Brunnenstraße 138
    44536 Lünen
    E-Mail: datenschutz@remondis.de

    The same applies if you have given your consent to the collection or use of personal data and wish to revoke this consent. You can revoke such consent at any time with effect for the fu-ture by e-mail or letter.

    Right to lodge a complaint

    If you believe that the processing of your personal data is unlawful, you can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. A list of data protection officers and their contact details can be found at the following link: https://www.bfdi.bund.de/DE/Infothek/Anschriften_Links/anschriften_links-node.html

    Data security

    We take precautions to protect your data and to prevent misuse from outside. Measures such as encryption (SSL encryption), firewalls, hacker defence programs and manual security pre-cautions are applied in the process. SSL encryption is active when the key symbol at the bot-tom of your browser is closed and when the address starts with “https://”. Please note that the JavaScript™ Technology is used on our web pages.

    Malfunctions of service, discontinuation or modification of the service, or deletion of data

    We do not guarantee that the offer will be available at specific times. We do not exclude dis-turbances, interruptions or a possible failure of the online offer. The servers are regularly and carefully backed up. However, if data is transmitted in whatever form, it is recommended that you make backup copies. We reserve the right to change, expand, restrict or discontinue this service at any time. Any liability on our part for deleted data or loss of data is therefore ex-cluded.

    Job Agent

    On the website remondis-karriere.de you can use our e-mail service for weekly information on vacancies. Once you have entered and submitted your Job Agent registration details, we will send you an e-mail to confirm and activate your free subscription by clicking (“double opt-in”). You will only receive e-mails via the Job Agent after confirmation. Each e-mail contains a hyper-link which you can use to unsubscribe the Job Agent at any time. Your data will be erased after cancellation.

    The stored data are processed exclusively for the purpose and in the interest of information about vacancies in our companies. The legal basis for this data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR.

    Trainee Check

    On the remondis-karriere.de page, you can indicate your own strengths and preferences on specific issues as part of the trainee check. Your entries or personal data will not be stored on the server in any form. There is also no attempt to assign them to you personally.

    Data transmission to third parties and outside the EU

    We only transfer your personal data to third parties if you have consented to the transmission, if the transmission is necessary for the execution of the offers or services that you wish to make use of, or in the event of any other statutory right for transmission and if the protection of your legitimate interests is guaranteed.

    With the exception of the use of Google Analytics, Google Fonts and Google Maps, no per-sonal data collected by us will be processed in a third country. The provider of these services is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

    With regard to the use of Google Analytics, Google Fonts and Google Maps, Google Inc. guarantees an appropriate level of data protection as part of its participation in the so-called “Privacy Shield” and the measures taken by Google on data protection and data security in the EU. See also notes on Google Analytics, Google Fonts and Google Maps.

    The following presentation provides an overview of third-party providers and their contents, together with links to their Data Privacy Statements, which contain further information on the processing of data and, in some cases already mentioned here, possibilities of objection (so-called opt-out):

    Use of Google Analytics

    This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics is used in the interest of designing and improving the website to meet the needs of our customers and to align our site with their needs. The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files saved on your computer to enable an Analysis about your use of the website. This page also uses Google APIs, a program inter-face provided by Google. Data, such as the IP address in particular, may also be transmitted to Google as part of this use. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website is usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. However, if IP anonymisation is activated on this website, Google will shorten your IP address within Mem-ber States of the European Union or in other states party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area beforehand. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports on website activity and to provide the website operator with other services relating to website and Internet use. The IP address transmitted by your browser in the context of Google Ana-lytics is not merged with other Google data. You may prevent the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. You can also prevent Google from collect-ing the data generated by the cookie and relating to your use of the website (including your IP address) and from processing this data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available under the following link: (http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de). Please note that on this website Google Analytics has been extended by the code “anony-mizeIp” to ensure anonymous collection of IP addresses.

    You can prevent the collection by Google Analytics through a so-called opt-out cookie by clicking on the following link: Deactivate Google Analytics

    Information on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Google Analytics can be found at http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/de.html

    Google Web Fonts

    For the uniform representation of fonts we use so-called web fonts, which are provided by Google. When you call up a web page, your browser loads the required web fonts into your browser cache to display texts and fonts correctly. To do this, the browser you are using must connect to Google's servers. This gives Google knowledge that our website has been accessed via your IP address. The use of Google Web Fonts is in the interest of a uniform and appeal-ing presentation of our online offers. The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

    For more information about Google Web Fonts, please see Google’s Data Privacy Statement: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.
    You can set your browser so that the fonts are not downloaded from the Google servers (e.g. by installing add-ons). If your browser does not support Google Fonts or if you block access to the Google servers, the text will be displayed in the system's default font. Please note that our website will then no longer match our screen design.

    Google Maps

    In order to present our online offers in an appealing way and to make it easy to find the loca-tions we have indicated on the website, we use the map service Google Maps via an API. To use the functions of Google Maps it is necessary to save your IP address. This information is usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

    You can find more information on the handling of user data in Google's Data Privacy State-ment: www.google.de/intl/de/policies/privacy/.
    If you do not agree to the future transmission of your data to Google as part of the use of Google Maps, it is possible to completely deactivate the Google Maps web service by switch-ing off the JavaScript application in your browser. Then it is not possible to use Google Maps and therefore also the map display on this website. Please note that if you disable JavaScript, other features we would like to offer you on our website will no longer work.


    Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard disk by your browser. We also use so-called session cookies. These serve to establish a definite connection between you and our Internet presence. Only a random number is stored for this. The session cookie is automatically removed when you close your browser.

    If you do not wish to accept cookies on your computer (or another device), you can deactivate them in your Internet browser. However, this may impair the user-friendliness and functionali-ty of the website. The legal basis for data processing by cookies for the purpose of operating the website is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

    Our website uses the following cookies:


    Session cookie for the Typo3 user management.
    This cookie is relevant only for the web administrators. No personal data are stored.


    Session cookie for the operation of a PHP website
    It is used to recognise your browser for various purposes (for example to remember your lan-guage setting). Storage time: as long as the browser window is open.


    The cookie remembers whether your screen has retina resolution.
    Storage time: 4 weeks.


    Session cookie for purposes of animation on the homepage. No personal data are stored.


    This cookie is created when you click on the confirmation link of the general cookie notice on the website. The application remembers that the note should not be displayed again on the next page.

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