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We depend on people with know-how and initiative

  • Being a recycling, service and water company, we need to operate high performance plants that use complex technology. It is essential, therefore, that we have teams of skilled workers to look after our facilities and ensure they function properly so that operations can run as planned.

Everything under control - everything accounted for - everything working

  • When it comes to technology, we need smart planners with a hands-on mentality and an exact understanding of how things work together - in industrial plants, in commercial vehicles, in pipe networks to name just a few. We have listed a number of professions below that we need for our portfolio of services. Simply click on the ones you are interested in to learn more.

    • Plant mechanic (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? Being an expert for piping, pipe networks, air conditioning and ventilation systems, you make sure that our customers' facilities achieve the highest possible levels of availability and maximum operational efficiency. The focus of your work here is on maintaining, repairing and improving facilities. Where are you needed? Wherever special challenges have to be dealt with. You may find yourself high above the ground or even down a manhole or pipe shaft. What is important? You and your colleagues deal with whatever challenge comes your way - with forward planning, diligence and always keeping an eye on the overall picture.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Anlagenmechaniker bei REMONDIS sorgen für die Instandhaltung, Reparatur und Optimierung von Anlagen

      Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f/d) / Chemical technician (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? No matter whether it has to do with controlling and monitoring industrial facilities and production plants, analysing materials or developing innovative synthesis methods - we rely on your specialist knowledge of chemistry. Where are you needed? You work in laboratories as well as in industrial facilities and production plants. What is important? You are in good hands at our company with your mixture of scientific expertise and technical know-how and the meticulous way you carry out your work.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Chemielaboranten und Chemikanten arbeiten bei REMONDIS in Laboren, Industrieanlagen und in der Produktion, stets auf höchste Sorgfalt bedacht

      Electronics engineer for operating technology (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? You are responsible for ensuring all the electrical installations at our facilities work properly. Your work, though, not only involves maintaining existing facilities but also helping to create new installations - including setting up the circuits. Where are you needed? In a variety of environments, for example to install measuring and control systems (plus the hardware and software). What is important? You are one of the main reasons why everything runs so smoothly - thanks to your specialist know-how, precision and ability to keep track of everything around you.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Wo Betriebstechnik draufsteht, kümmern sich bei REMONDIS versierte Elektroniker um die Funktionsfähigkeit – von der vorhandenen Anlage bis hin zur Neuinvestition und -inbetriebnahme

      Specialist for pipe, sewer and industrial services (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? No matter whether it involves special high pressure appliances, high-tech cameras or remote-controlled robots - you make sure that industrial plants, sewer systems and pipe networks are and remain in excellent condition. What's more, your job also includes using a variety of processes to empty and clean tanks and vessels at large industrial plants. Where are you needed? Wherever industrial facilities need to be cleaned – using water jets or special chemicals. You may also find yourself entering potentially hazardous environments such as in areas where there is a risk of explosion or in nuclear facilities. What is important? You are someone who works with the greatest of care and is very much aware of the risks around you. Why? Because the number one priority when using high pressure jet equipment is keeping yourself and those around you safe.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Auch dann am Start, wenn es eng oder gar brenzlig wird: Fachkräfte für Rohr-, Kanal- und Industrieservice sorgen für die perfekte Reinigung

      Water management / wastewater technology specialist (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? Working closely with engineers, you operate complex wastewater treatment and/or water processing systems for industrial businesses from a whole variety of sectors. You work in modern waterworks to ensure local communities have a guaranteed supply of clean drinking water and in sewage treatment plants to make sure all pollutants are removed so that the water can be returned to the natural water cycle. Where are you needed? Wherever our business involves supplying people and households with high quality drinking water or managing and treating wastewater. You may find yourself working in sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and drinking water networks. What is important? Besides having an in-depth understanding of technology and biology, you work conscientiously and with the greatest of care.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Bei der Befreiung des Abwassers von Schadstoffen sind Fachkräfte für Wasserwirtschaft und Abwassertechnik ganz vorne dabei – mit ihrem Know-how sorgen sie auch für reines, genießbares Trinkwasser

      Scaffolder (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? You are able to erect conventional façade scaffolds as well as industrial scaffolding, suspended scaffolds and special bespoke structures - for example at power stations, refineries, industrial plants and similar such facilities. Where are you needed? If a new building or industrial plant needs to be built or maintained, then you are called in to ensure everyone has safe access to their work. Your expertise is called for wherever scaffolds need to be fixed securely – even high above the ground. What is important? You should be interested in structural engineering and construction work and, of course, have a good head for heights. You plan each and every individual task with the greatest of care and always keep health and safety and the environment at the forefront of your mind.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Gerüstbauer meistern die Herausforderungen bei der Wartung und Konstruktion von Gebäuden und Anlagen mit sorgfältigem Vorgehen, genauer Planung und Bedacht

      Industrial insulator (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? It is up to you to protect people, buildings and facilities against fire, heat, cold and noise. You are involved in complex projects that range from insulating storage tanks and turbines, to pumps and pipes, all the way through to ventilation systems. Where are you needed? For example in facilities that need to be run at a specific temperature, need to reduce their energy consumption or need to be soundproofed. In general, your know-how is needed to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. What is important? For this job, we rely on your craftsmanship skills as well as your ability to execute complex projects exactly according to plan.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Industrieisolierer schützen nicht nur Menschen, sondern auch ganze Anlagen und Gebäude vor Hitze, Kälte und Lärm – denn es kommt auf die richtige Dämmung an, nicht nur im Sinne der Energieeffizienz

      Automotive mechatronics engineer for commercial vehicle technology (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? We rely on you to professionally service and maintain our waste management vehicles. You check that these vehicles and all of their fastening technology work properly. Where are you needed? In workshops and wherever we have fleets of vehicles. What is important? You know all about mechatronics and vehicle diagnostics, enjoy repairing and servicing vehicles and are happy to take over responsibility for our commercial vehicles.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Damit unsere Fahrer jeden Tag aufs Neue auf den Straßen unterwegs sein können, muss jeder Handgriff unserer Kraftfahrzeugmechatroniker sitzen – denn sie kümmern sich darum, dass unsere Nutzfahrzeuge einsatzbereit sind

      Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)

      What exactly does this involve? Being an essential part of the (scrap) production chain, you operate the complex machinery and facilities found at a recycling business and are able to find a solution if something breaks down. Such machinery includes shears to cut up scrap metal, balers and crushers as well as shredders able to cut up old cars. Where are you needed? Wherever valuable raw materials need to be recovered from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You, for example, ensure that scrap steel is recycled so it can be re-used by steelworks and foundries. What is important? Your fascination for technology, your knowledge of the materials and your experience of operating large-scale machinery and equipment.

      • [Translate to Englisch:] Große Maschinen und Anlagen üben eine ganz besondere Faszination aus, nicht nur auf unsere versierten Maschinen- und Anlagenführer, die eine wichtige Rolle in unserer Produktionskette spielen

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REMONDIS HR management
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