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REMONDIS HR management

Organising processes at the point humans and technology meet

Being an engineer at REMONDIS, your mission is to find the exact technical solution needed - for example for water processing facilities or plant technology. Working as part of a project team, your skills are your in-depth know-how, your experience and, of course, your healthy curiosity.

Recycling - extensive knowledge of a wide variety of facilities

  • As an engineer working in the recycling industry, it is your job to plan, control and optimise the many different facilities used to process, sort and incinerate waste as well as those used to produce recycled raw materials. Other workplaces include composting plants and biogas plants – for example to improve throughput by analysing volume statistics. What's more, you are our consultant, adviser and examiner whenever technical changes need to be made – which means, of course, you directly impact on our success.

    • (Recycling) plant technology - your speciality areas:

      • At head office: planning the building of new facilities and the renovation/modernisation of existing facilities
      • As plant manager: coordinating and fine-tuning the different facilities, in charge of maintenance work, inspections
      • Dealing with tenders: putting projects out for tender, accompanying tender processes incl. selecting the plant construction companies
      • Monitoring the building and commissioning of new facilities and checking invoices
      • Responsible for increasing efficiency and optimising products over the long term

Services - ensuring each and every customer project is a success

  • We offer our customers a wide range of bespoke industrial services – from maintaining their industrial plants and facilities, to installing pipe networks and operating power stations, all the way through to carrying out insulation and cleaning work. You know how to win customers over with your sound offers and calculations. You organise each individual project, draw up the budget and plan the deployment of the operatives. Your focus is, of course, on delivering the highest levels of efficiency – no matter whether it has to do with schedules, costs or processes. The budget you are responsible for can reach an eight-figure sum.

    • Services - your speciality areas:

      • Identifying technical processes used in the industrial services sector to solve customer problems
      • Maintaining close contact to our customer base as well as acquiring new customers
      • Determining potential savings so customers have more time for their core business
      • Carrying out meticulous planning work: budgeting, risk assessments, material planning
      • Assessing and managing offers, contracts, calculations and projects

Water - advice and services covering all aspects of the water sector

  • Working as a specialist in the water sector, you collaborate with customers from local authorities, water associations and industrial businesses (automotive, food processing etc). Helping to ensure people are supplied with high quality drinking water is just one of your tasks. Besides handling pipe networks, your job also involves working at plants and facilities for treating wastewater and processing residual materials. In other words, you select the most suitable technology and organise the long-term support needed for these plants. You are in regular contact with your customers to discuss, for example, any (improvement) measures needed and always keep a close eye on the costs.

    • Water sector - your speciality areas:

      • Technology used to process water and treat wastewater
      • Efficient recycling of residual materials, generating energy to conserve natural resources
      • Evaluating technology/equipment with respect to investment, operating and maintenance costs
      • Eliminating faults, supervising building work and organising operations
      • Acquiring projects/customers, growing business and negotiating and managing contracts

Always flexible - always on the go

There is one thing that applies to all our complex projects no matter whether you are dealing with wastewater treatment facilities or recycling plants: there is no such thing as a 9-5 job in this position. On the contrary, your work focuses on business trips so that you can support our customers and help them with their projects. Take our word for it – being an engineer at REMONDIS most certainly is an exciting and extremely interesting job.

  • A few job application tips

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REMONDIS HR management
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