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Spending your free time in the best possible place: at home

  • When you join REMONDIS, you not only have a job with a secure future - you also have more time for your family, friends and hobbies. No matter how varied the range of tasks for our truck drivers may be, practically all of our truck driver jobs have one thing in common: regular working hours and no long-haul journeys.

  • Read through our truck driver brochure - available here as a PDF

One thing you won't be is bored

Being one of the largest recycling, service and water companies, we operate in practically all waste management sectors. It goes without saying that no two truck driver jobs are the same. Working for such a wide range of the sectors (from waste collection, to WEEE recycling, all the way through to industrial services), our drivers certainly have no time to get bored as they carry out such a wide variety of tasks and handle so many different types of waste and recyclables. And they get to meet customers from all walks of life: private individuals, commercial firms, industrial companies and local authorities.

  • A whole selection of trucks to choose from

    Ready to face every challenge: REMONDIS' modern waste management trucks include side loaders, rear and front end loaders, vacuum trucks and tankers, to name just a few

Further advantages

  • Whilst working regular hours and having a wide variety of tasks are perhaps our biggest plus points, they are most certainly not the only ones. Other benefits of moving to REMONDIS include:

      • An in-depth induction period
      • Working for a "good cause" – helping to promote sustainability and environmental protection
      • Good opportunities to further develop your skills
      • Job security in a future-oriented industry
      • A strong team spirit in a traditional yet pioneering family-run company

People from other sectors are also very welcome

  • You can join our company even if you haven't worked as a truck driver before. We can help you get a special qualification that will get you behind the wheel of one of our trucks in no time at all. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about this special qualification.

REMONDIS HR management
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